Konnie Cook-Withers

Disaster Preparedness Volunteer

“I do what I do because I am a Red Crosser and that is what we do… we provide relief to disaster victims and help people to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. I work in all aspects of the red cross doing my part to help others do just that. It is my pleasure to serve.”

Nominator Jasmine Okamoto says: Konstance Cook-Withers wears many hats within the Red Cross. She has served as Shelter Supervisor and Health Services Supervisor in shelters for local, national, and international disasters, from as close as the Powerhouse fire in the Antelope Valley to as far away as Haiti. When we have blue skies, Konnie can be counted on to proudly represent the Red Cross with her local chapter in Palmdale, California. She is a prolific disaster preparedness presenter who is very passionate about training others on how to get ready for disasters.  Even when presenting to a small audience, she is extremely enthusiastic about imparting all the knowledge she can to prepare those individuals.  She also often volunteers to represent the Red Cross at community events all over the Greater Los Angeles Region.  Konnie is a regular representative for Health Services at events such as the Rose Parade in Pasadena, the Los Angeles Marathon, and countless other large events that host the Red Cross. Around the office, Konnie can be seen at the monthly Disaster Volunteer Meetings, always with a friendly smile and an encouraging word of advice for the new volunteers. We are lucky to have Konnie and we’re happy to take this opportunity to spotlight all that Konstance Cook-Withers has done for the Red Cross.

Corrections from Konnie:

Yes I wear many hats at the Red Cross beginning with DAT and carried on to community outreach preparedness presentations, disaster services training and first aide stations. I also do go out for national deployments which is an honor to be able to do so. However, I have not gone out Internationally for the Red Cross. I have gone to Haiti following the earthquake and Thailand following the tsunami and other disasters or relief operations so the information is valid however they were not Red Cross sanctioned events at the international level. Also the LA Marathon does not fit under the category of Red Cross. I am a Medical Reservist and I was asked to recruit for the safety of the LA Marathon. I borrowed a few outstanding Red Cross Volunteers to assist me. Also I did not serve at the powerhouse fire I believe I may have been on another deployment at the time or on Jury duty which prevented my service however, I did serve at many other local events such as the Little Rock Train Derailment, Hollywood Fire, Airport Shooting, etc. and other National deployments such as Mississippi Tornado, Oklahoma Tornado, and Santa Maria Fire. One day I would be very proud to represent the Red Cross on an International disaster just as I am for those here at home. … It is my pleasure to serve and especially to be recognized for such an honor.


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