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On the Move and In Need: Red Cross Response to Migrant Crisis

  by Drew McNeil, Communications Volunteer Inundated by migrants and refugees from the Middle East …

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Stories of the Kindertransport Provide “An Awakening”

by Dean Stewart, Red Cross L.A. Region Volunteer It was simply one of those “off” feelings, …

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L.A. Region R.N. Reflects on Katrina Assignment in Alabama

By Cheri Larson, RN, Volunteer, Santa Monica Bay Chapter On September 9, 2005, I flew …

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“You’re Really Alive”: Mental Health Volunteer Remembers Katrina Clients

by Amy Gross, Gift Planning Officer, Los Angeles and Central California Regions Here are some …

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Centennial Swim Campaign Promotes Summer Water Safety

by Ariel Wei, Summer Intern, San Marino High School Red Cross Club Cabinet Member From …

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Red Cross Summer Interns Share Experiences

by Zoe Miller, Communications Dept. Summer Intern Now in its sixth year, the Red Cross …

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A Little Blood Goes a Long Way

by Emily Garibian, Red Cross L.A. Region Communications Dept. Summer Intern This summer, I had …

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Sandy Tesch Wilkins (center) with Bee Kong (left), Director of Youth and Young Adult Services,American Red Cross Los Angeles Region, and Kerry Khan, International Services and Service to the Armed Forces Coordinator, Los Angeles Region.

World Youth Champion: Sandy Tesch Wilkins

by Carmela Burke, L.A. Region Volunteer (Sandy Tesch Wilkins spoke recently to volunteers and employees at the Red …

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Lights, Camera, Action: Smoke Alarm is Star of New PSA

by Emily Garibian, Summer Intern, Communications Dept. I recently got a chance to be on …

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Being Part of the Solution to Keep Families Safe from Home Fires

by Annie Niu, Red Cross Youth Summer Intern Out of the thousands of disasters the …

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