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Asian American Expo

International Services Continues Community Outreach at Asian American Expo

By Drew McNeil, L.A. Region Volunteer International Services volunteers continued to inform different L.A. Region ethnic communities about the Red Cross Restoring Family Links program by participating in the annual two-day Asian American Expo, held at the Pomona Fairplex January 16-17. Staffing the event all …

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Volunteers That Do and Train To Do More

Red Cross volunteer Drew McNeil recently attended a 2-day disaster training course and tells his story. When there’s trouble, suffering, disaster, you name it, the Red Cross is there. When everything around is chaos, the order, preparation, and effectiveness of what this non-profit brings to …

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Rose Parade First Aid Station 9 Volunteers Responded to an incident before the parade started.

Red Cross First Aiders Respond to 40+ Incidents at Rose Parade

by Roxanne Schorbach, Public Information Officer, Red Cross First Aid Stations As the sun came up over Colorado Blvd. on New Year’s Day 2016, the people who stayed overnight on the curbs and sidewalks of the Tournament of Roses Parade route were beginning to wake …

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syrian refugee panelists_rco_blog_image_Dec. 2015

“Looking for a Chance to Survive”: Red Cross Hosts Discussion on Syrian Refugee Crisis

by Drew McNeil, Communications Volunteer The Red Cross Los Angeles Region International Services brought together four international refugee experts in December for a community forum about the humanitarian crisis taking place in Syria and the plight of Syria’s refugees. The event, which took place at …

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