jarrett headshotThis is my first public posting to Jarrett’s Box, where I will report to you — our volunteers, employees, donors and members of the public – answers to questions I’m receiving about the Los Angeles Region.  I try to respond privately to every question I receive, and often ask senior staff to provide additional information. However, from time to time, I want share some of the questions I’m getting because if one person is asking it, I know many more are thinking it.

Currently, several of the questions relate to our current reorganization.

A lot of volunteers have written with questions about the new disaster territory map.   To date, the revised map of our new territories has not been finalized, but we will share it with everyone as soon as it is done; of course, we will post it on the website and share it with volunteers on Volunteer Connection.  Joselito and the Disaster Team have assembled a group of staff and volunteers to draw the maps, and these draft maps will be shared with the broader group of disaster volunteers for feedback before finalization.

Another question was from a volunteer who asked about the names and positions of employees who are leaving the Red Cross as a result of the reorganization. This is totally understandable since we are asking our volunteers to pitch in more than ever—and they would like to know what areas are being impacted.  I decided not to publicly announce specific employee names and positions eliminated to give these employees some privacy—and allow them to control the information.  Nonetheless, if you are a volunteer who is directly impacted, you will likely be briefed on a departure, or you should feel free to talk with your staff liaison. I believe very much in transparency of these organizational decisions/changes.

Please keep those questions coming in, and I will do my best to answer them as openly as I can within three business days. Click here to submit a question through Volunteer Connection.



Jarrett Barrios,

CEO, American Red Cross Los Angeles Region


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