Logo v2History books tell one side of the story. But in every military veteran lies a personal testimony of his or her wartime experience that once gone, is lost forever. That’s why the American Red Cross participates in the Veterans History Project, a project of the Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center that aims to preserve these stories so that future generations can better understand the profound effects of war. Stories are permanently archived and made accessible at the Library’s center in Washington, D.C.

To date, the American Red Cross Greater Long Beach Chapter alone has collected and submitted 433 veteran veteranshistoryprojectinterviews — the most ever from any single group or organization. This April, Library of Congress representatives will recognize this achievement in a ceremony aboard the Battleship Iowa in San Pedro, where a number of veterans who participated will be in attendance, and where there is a permanent, dedicated space available for Veterans to tell their stories.

If you or any veteran you know is interested in participating in the project, visit our page here.


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