Logo v2We know that children process information differently, react to stress differently, and also may require a more sensitive hand when discussing disasters and disaster preparedness.

As a result, the Red Cross has partnered with the Walt Disney Company to develop the Disney Pillowcase Project, which eases children’s fears about disasters by teaching them the science of hazards and the importance of preparing for emergencies in a way they can understand.

At elementary schools throughout Southern California, Red Cross volunteers are teaching 3-5th grade students how to stay safe in emergencies, including natural disasters and home fires.rco_blog_img_pillowcase

During the 45- or 60-minute presentation, students participate in an interactive discussion about disaster readiness, where they learn practical skills designed to quickly and confidently get them out of harm’s way. Students receive a workbook and a sturdy pillowcase to hold their own emergency supplies, and a pledge certificate that encourages them to share their knowledge with family and friends.


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