By Yulia Mitro, LA region volunteer

We provide tools and resources for youth to gain leadership development, professional skills and to serve their communities. Samantha Ian is a Youth Coordinator for the American Red Cross Los Angeles, who participated in the Show “Love is in the Air” to demonstrate youth showing love for their communities.

There are multiple ways to get involved in this community. First, you can check if your high school has a Red Cross club. Secondly, you can google American Red Cross Youth and see if there are any local chapters which provide resources for young people.

Red Cross youth volunteers participate in many events, such as Home Fire Campaigns. During these campaigns, young people go to homes and install smoke detectors for free. They also educate families on what to do if there is fire alarm, how to stay safe, and other important topics to stay alive during a fire.

Beyond fire prevention, the Red Cross Youth Club provides CPR training. When Hurricane Katrina struck the Southeastern United States in 2005, kids from New Orleans Red Cross Youth community went to help out by distributing supplies, and rebuilding and cleaning houses. Finally, they teach elementary school children how to stay safe during a fire, what to do if there is an earthquake using puppet shows and other activities.

It is important to give back to our community. In life, we are given a lot, and there are people in the world who need help and support that they cannot afford or are not in a position to get. The Red Cross Youth gives young people a chance to start helping and supporting people from an early age and make someone’s life a bit brighter and better.



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  1. Roxanne Schorbach

    I very much enjoyed reading this article about Red Cross Youth. Well written!
    I would also like to mention that the Red Cross Youth were a big part of First Aid Stations for Rose Parade this year and fellow First Aid Volunteers we were very proud to have them working alongside.

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