By Sean Inoue, Red Cross Biomedical Services  

The American Red Cross has been hard at work ensuring there is enough blood for patients during this ongoing crisis. However, we cannot do our work alone. Most blood drives take place because of generous partners in the community including schools, hospitals, community organizations, cities and other civic organizations. To thank them for their dedication and hard work in being partners, every month we will identify and feature two community partners that have gone above and beyond in their critical role to ensure a stable blood supply. The “Service Spotlight” is our way of saying “thank you” to our generous and paramount partners. 

Valencia Management Group 

Opening their Summit Clubhouse doors to blood drives, Valencia Management Group has made it possible to collect 409 units of blood, helping to save up to 1,227 lives. I 

It was not an easy task to make this happen, and we are thankful that James Beard, director of Community Association at Valencia Management Group; Gregory Quandt, president of Valencia Summit Homeowners Association; and Julia Kerner-Pack, Resident/American Red Cross Account Manager II, stepped forward during this difficult pandemic to make this happen and help the community.  

And their support doesn’t start there. With one blood drive successfully accomplished, the group has committed to another six drives, which are projected to raise the total blood collection to 707 units by this May. 

We are so grateful for the humanitarian efforts put forth by this group.  

Pacifica Hotels 

Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Pacifica Hotels operates 30 boutique hotels, which include four full-service restaurants and bars, and they manage more than 1,200 employees. Pacifica Hotels has been hosting blood drives for several years, and during a time when Hotels have taken a hard economic hit, they have generously stepped up their support in Los Angeles.  

At their Marina Del Rey Hotel and Jamaica Bay locations, we have been hosting monthly drives, collecting 350 pints of blood, which help to save more than 1,000 lives. With ample room to allow for social distance, this longstanding partner continues to show that even a pandemic won’t slow they down as they make an exponential impact by opening their event spaces to us.  

The Red Cross saves lives every single day, and we at Pacifica Hotels are proud to be able to contribute in every possible way to this amazing task, said Oliver Kahf, Marina Del Rey Hotel general manager. 

Host a Blood Drive  

About 80of blood donations are made at drives hosted by community organizations, schools and businesses. With the current pandemic, the Red Cross urgently needs the help of both donors and drive hosts to ensure blood products are readily available for patients.  

Learn more and sign up to sponsor a drive by visiting    

Thank you to this month’s blood drive spotlights and to all who host blood drives in their communities to help us meet this essential need.


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