Patricia Hamrick, Regional Board Member

What is your current professional role?  I am currently the Global Vice President of Human Resources for Howmet Aerospace. My business unit has 31 sites spanning North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  My role “usually” involves a significant amount of global travel. However, this last year has literally “grounded” me as I’ve not been out of the country since February a year ago.

What was your first job? My first job was in fast food and at the time, it was the only job I could get as a high school kid with no skills. I did learn that customer service and quality are paramount to a successful business. My first “real” job after graduating from UCLA was with a consulting firm where I was offered a role in their Organizational Consulting division.

 What is a fun fact about you or secret skill you have?  I am passionate about my horse, Intangible, and we compete for fun in show jumping competitions. Another fun fact, after running a number of half marathons, my friends talked me into running the LA Marathon the very first year that course went from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica. I was really proud of finishing that race but have to say, I don’t need to do that again!

What is your personal connection to the Red Cross?  When my company became involved with the Red Cross a number of years ago, I saw the impact it had on our employees, both those who had personal experiences with the Red Cross and those who got involved in community events like Sound the Alarm. When I was asked to join the board, I wanted to make sure I could have an impact. One contribution was insuring that company Foundation funds were allocated to the Red Cross. This last year when I heard that there were additional Foundation funds that could be requested, I raised my hand for assistance to Red Cross for the California wildfires. That all said, when I really understood the meaning of the Red Cross mission was when I volunteered at a shelter during the Woolsey fires. I recall coming back for another late afternoon/evening shift and was greeted by many of the same people who were there a few days earlier. Just listening as they talked about their situations and being there for them whether it was offering another blanket, something to eat, a cup of coffee. I truly understood our mission, to do everything in our power to alleviate human suffering.


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