by Ricky Watson, Red Cross Communications Volunteer

Living in Los Angeles is amazing, and that is no lie.  The city is beautiful, the ocean majestic and the weather nearly perfect year round.  I speak for many when I say this is one of the best places to spend your life.  With all the fantastic things about this area, we sometimes tend to forget the dangers we face here.  Being prepared for an earthquake in L.A. will help you preserve your way of life and possibly your life itself.

In light of recent events in Nepal, I’ve become more aware of the dangers of an epic earthquake here in Southern California. Living near the San Andreas fault, one of the largest fault lines in the world, I know I could face an event of cataclysmic proportions if the Big One hits here.

Though we have no control about when an earthquake might happen, we can be prepared.  Here are five ways I’ve prepared:

  • Packed an emergency kit with food, water, and first aid supplies:

This is the best thing for everyone to do as it will provide you with basic necessities if you’re injured and there isn’t medical help available. Pack enough food and water until you can receive aid.

  • Found a safe place to be if an earthquake hits:

I’ve located a sturdy table to get under to prevent debris from crashing on top of you in case you are trapped.

  • Found a safe place outside of my apartment:

I’ve found a large open area away from buildings to re-group with friends and neighborhoods after the shaking stops.

  • Planned an escape route:

This will help you get outside without hesitation.  Don’t use an elevator and always bring your survival kit with you.

  • Located the nearest police station and hospital:

Knowing exactly where these locations are in relation to your home is essential. If aid is needed, you will know where to go.

What have you done to prepare. To get started, visit our Red Cross PrepareSoCal website. PrepareSoCal.http://preparesocal.org/


A native of Tucson, Arizona, Ricky Watson has lived in Southern California for a year and a half. 


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