Logo v2When we started this project, we thought that the goal would be to give our readers the opportunity to learn about the many different faces of the Red Cross – to provide information about all of our programs, services, and mission that were outside most people’s perception that the Red Cross is only about blood donations and responding to a disaster.

But something else happened in those 31 days.  We, the writers and staff here at the Red Cross, discovered ourselves again, and why we do what we do.  Every day we come to work and do our jobs – we write, we put on events, we interact with clients and partners and other governmental agencies.  We develop plans for disaster preparedness, we write information for our donors.  We are busy.  We are focused.  But we often don’t get the time … or take the time… to really think about the why of what we do.  31 Days gave us an opportunity to do that.rco_blog_img_RCO hands

We were reminded about our Fundamental Principles, that ultimately are about working together and providing help to those in need – regardless of who they are, or where they come from.  By writing about Disaster volunteers, AmeriCorps members, and Community Ambassadors, we were reminded of the extraordinary personal commitment made by thousands of volunteers in our community and around the world.  Through writing about our International Programs, and our Services to the Armed Forces, we thought about how we help families reconnect with loved ones who had been lost for years, or help a veteran who feels lost in their own country.

For those of you who came along with us on this 31 day journey through the Red Cross, we hope that you have been inspired.  Whether it is to volunteer, to give blood, to help a Veteran, to make a disaster plan for yourself or your pet, or take a CPR class, you can also become part of our story. We hope that you will join us as our journey continues.


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  1. Roxanne Schorbach

    Erica and staff,
    I really enjoyed the 31 days of Red Cross that you posted. It was quite enlightening to read your post each day. In particular, and as you mentioned in your post today, it had a way of revitalizing what we do and reinforcing the mission of the Red Cross family.
    Thank you!

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