Mary Hunt

Operations Volunteer

“I started volunteering for the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina in August, 2005.  I had just retired, and was looking for a way to volunteer in the community and provide structure for my time.  I was directed to the Red Cross by a notice in our church newsletter.  I worked in the Response Call Network that was just being started in Long Beach, and really felt like I was providing a worthwhile service to the clients who called.  It was never boring…you never knew who or what situation would come up in the next call you received!  When the RCN was disbanded, I just kept asking how I could be used, and have “found my niche” in working as a receptionist at the chapter two afternoons a week.

The Greater Long Beach chapter is a wonderful place to work…dedicated, friendly people, both staff and volunteers, who care about others.  I am always warmly greeted and thanked for being there.  I enjoy and look forward to my time there!”

Nominator Leslie Moore says: Mary Hunt is one of our most dedicated and kind front desk volunteers. She has volunteered every Monday and Wednesday afternoon for the last 3 years and is an integral part of our front desk team. She is friendly and empathetic to all of our staff and volunteers; her knowledge of the front desk position is  vast, and she is one of our top front desk trainers for new volunteers. Mondays and Wednesdays are not the same without Mary’s smiling face at the front desk!


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