Logo v2Unity, one of Seven Fundamental Principles, states there can be only one Red Cross or Red Crescent Society in any one country, that it must be open to all, and that it must conduct its work throughout its territory. There are 189 countries. In the United States, like in all of these countries, there is One Red Cross.

Imagine the confusion if that were not the case. Imagine if more than one organization claimed to be a nation’s Red Cross, or if more set of leaders claimed to be leading that organization. Imagine if the American Red Cross was present in nearly every state, or if it only helped people that spoke a certain language. Regardless of its humanitarian impact, it couldn’t call itself the Red Cross. 2007 Southern California Wildfires

Unity eliminates confusion and ensures that the Red Cross will be there when you need it.

Learn more on the principle of Unity and the other Fundamental Principles.


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