Territory 1, the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region and the Antelope Valley lost a bright star this weekend. 

For the many who had the opportunity to work with Pat Faux, they knew she had a sharp and vibrant personality. She was well respected in the Antelope Valley and was well involved in her community. 

She had a passion for ensuring our veterans and military was supported by being involved in the AV Wall (Antelope Valley Mobile Vietnam Memorial Wall), which she ensured the Red Cross was always present.

She had so much to give to the community and sought out those opportunities, and we are fortunate that the Red Cross was one of the nonprofits.

When a new volunteer joined the Red Cross, Pat was always there to help bring them on board. She would ask them to join her at one of her many community outreach booths. She would ensure the volunteers networked with Red Cross community partners, met with other volunteers and connected with the public.

Volunteers who started in community outreach always mention Pat being the one that took them under her wing and helped them fly.

Antelope Valley city officials, such as the Los Angeles County Fire Department, recognized Pat for her work including asking her to join their Fire Service Day. This was one of her favorite events, as it allowed her to gather with other Red Crossers and help the community learn about the preparedness programs available. 

Pat was a leader of the Antelope Valley community and the Red Cross. She embodied what it means to be a humanitarian through her volunteering. 

Pat’s memory will always bring a smile to our faces, and she will forever serve as a reminder of how we need to continue carrying the Red Cross torch forward. 


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