Thursday, January 12 marks seven years since a massive earthquake struck Haiti. Americans donated to Haiti in order to save lives. And that’s precisely what these donations have done. One-third of all donations to the American Red Cross was spent on lifesaving aid to Haitians in the quake’s immediate aftermath. The remainder is still being spent to help the country rebuild through activities such as hospital construction, school repair, and job training to restore lost income. We continue to work with Haitians to address their needs and create sustainable solutions and infrastructure that will benefit communities for years to come.

Americans’ generosity have made it possible. All over the United States, people responded to these international disasters by opening their hearts and donating generously to help save lives.

As Hurricane Matthew approached, we prepositioned teams and emergency supplies across Haiti so we could quickly provide relief to people impacted by the disaster. Since the storm passed, the American Red Cross, working alongside the Haitian Red Cross, has distributed critical relief items such as hygiene kits, cooking tools and shelter repair supplies & tools to those affected by Hurricane Matthew. We are combating the increased threat of cholera by delivering cholera prevention kits—containing things like soap, buckets and water purification tabs—and educating residents on prevention and treatment measures.

After the 2010 earthquake, we worked side-by-side with the global Red Cross network—and in step with the people of Haiti—to provide food & water, medical care & rubble removal, and emergency shelter to people in need. Within a year of the earthquake, a severe cholera outbreak occurred, and the American Red Cross helped stem that outbreak through the distribution of basic items as well as providing 70% of the funds needed for the country’s first cholera vaccine campaign.

Over the past six years, we have helped millions of Haitians become safer, healthier, and more resilient—all thanks to donations from the American people.

We have provided funds for more than 20 hospitals and clinics in Haiti, helped more than 135,000 people through safe housing and neighborhood recovery, and have constructed more than 9,000 latrines and other water & sanitation systems. We are still in Haiti, working to ensure that recovery is long-lasting and that families are prepared for future disasters that may come their way. Today, we have nearly 200 American Red Cross staff members permanently based in the country—more than 90 percent of whom are Haitian nationals.


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