Scott Olmsted, Chair of the Board Governance & Nominating Committee, Immediate Past Board Chair 

What is your current professional role? I lead a team of bankers nationally at Bank of America that focuses on companies in the technology industry.  We focus on companies that are in the emerging growth phase of their lifecycle to help them expand their business both domestically and internationally.  Our services include capital raising, cash management, payments, risk management and individual wealth management.   

What was your first job?  I did a number of part-time jobs growing up (mowed lawns, paper route and scorekeeper for baseball games) but my first full-time job was washing windows on high-rise buildings during a couple of summers in college.   It was a full-time gig for two months and paid well!! 

Where did you grow up?  I was born in a suburb outside of Chicago, and I moved to Southern California when I was 1 ½, so I only really know So Cal as my hometown. 

What is a fun fact about you or a secret skill you have?  My wife and I were born in the same hospital outside of Chicago, seven months apart from each other.  We found that out on our first date, after meeting each other for the first time a week earlier in our late 20s in Southern California, where we were both raised. 

What is your personal connection to the Red Cross?  My connection with the Red Cross started with my board tenure even though I had known about the Red Cross for years.  Shortly after joining the board, the connection became quite personal when some family friends in our neighborhood had their house was caught on fire, making it unlivable after being put out.  While I was standing with the family outside their home, a fireman asked the mother of the family if they had a place to stay because he will call the Red Cross if they did not.  Fortunately, they did have a place to stay, but it hit home for me how many people do not and what a help the Red Cross is during a very personal time of need. 


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