By Digital Communications Manager, Ashley Henyan

To meet the urgent need for qualified volunteers to deploy and assist with relief efforts in the Gulf Coast and Florida, the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region has launched a series of full-day, in-person trainings. These specialized trainings will prepare volunteers that are either new to the Red Cross or new to Disaster Services how to perform vital disaster relief roles.

On August 27th Hurricane Harvey raged through Southeast Texas and parts of Louisiana, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Less than two weeks later, Hurricane Irma followed, smashing into the Caribbean, Key West, Florida, and parts of Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.  With back to back Category 4 storms like Harvey and Irma, hundreds of thousands of people were heavily affected—  homes were destroyed, lives were lost, and communities were forever changed.

Throughout this dark time, Americans stepped up, opened their hearts, and showed their true grace. Red Crossers from near and far generously donated their dollars, and others compassionately gave their skills and their time.

Through it all, the Red Cross was there— providing hope, compassion, comfort and care.

Now, we need more volunteers, because the Red Cross will continue to be on the ground in the most heavily affected areas for as long as help is needed. And, because of many non-English speaking residents living in affected areas, bi-lingual volunteers are especially encouraged to apply.

If we have learned anything from responding the needs of Americans for more than 136 years, it is that disaster recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. And, just as it takes time to recover, it also takes the hard work of many, many volunteers.

If deploying out of state isn’t for you, you should still apply. We have hundreds of Red Cross volunteer positions right here in Los Angeles. Positions like working the registration table at blood drives, providing comfort to veterans and their families, and teaching life-saving emergency preparedness education to children are currently available— especially as more and more existing volunteers continue to deploy out of state to help with Harvey and Irma disaster relief efforts.

We realize that it is through the hard work of ordinary people that we can continue to do extraordinary things.  Please consider becoming a part of the solution. Please join us, as a Red Cross volunteer!

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