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Start a conversation about the American Red Cross and someone will immediately chime in … “I give  blood every month,” or “I saw you helped out with Hurricane Sandy.”  What you probably won’t hear, unless there is another Red Crosser in the conversation, is information like, “In the Red Cross Los Angeles Region we responded to more than 400 home fires last year to help residents,” or “We restored contact between 161 local families and their relatives separated by war or conflict through our Restoring Family Links program.”

And that is why we are taking the opportunity during March is Red Cross Month to highlight the little publicized butrco_blog_img_redcrossvolunteers highly important activities and programs of the American Red Cross, here in Los Angeles and around the world.  We will also touch on the principles that drive our thousands of volunteers and staff to want to be part of this visionary, humanitarian organization that is there, in your community, when it matters most.

We hope you will join us on our “31 Days of Red” journey to learn what we mean when we say, “Hearts open.  Sleeves up.  All in.”


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