Michael Binkow

Disaster Preparedness Volunteer

Volunteering for The Red Cross means so very much to me as a means to give back to many people in a large scale, meaningful way.  Specifically being a presenter for Disaster Preparedness affords me the opportunity to spread the word that we can all be prepared for whatever may come.  Additionally, the people I’ve encountered who work for the Red Cross are energetic, kind, dedicated people who enjoy giving back as well…so on top of everything, they make it a lot of fun! 

Nominator Hilary Anderson says: Michael has been a member of the preparedness presenter team since 2013. He completed his training and the shadowing process right away so that he could get out there and start presenting in the community. Our preparedness intern Marta Polovin constantly provided positive feedback and support for the amazing work that he was doing. In the past two weeks alone Michael has stepped up to take a half dozen presentations. Several members of the PE team have now had the chance to work with him and all agree that he certainly deserves recognition for his volunteer efforts, we are so glad to have him! Michael is incredibly passionate about preparedness and I know that we’ll make some amazing strides in the community this year with his help. Thank you, Michael!


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