Kat Walsh

Disaster Response Volunteer

“I feel very lucky and fortunate to be able to  volunteer with  the Red Cross,  I volunteer with an amazing group of people who help me do my best to help others. Also, seeing firsthand how I am able to help a client in their recovery and knowing that I can make a difference makes it all  worthwhile.”

Nominator Leslie Moore Says: Kat is an amazingly versatile person who works concurrently at the front desk, while managing DAT casework at the same time. Her calm demeanor and excellent teaching skills are ideal for working at the front desk and training new front desk volunteer staff. Her skills on the DAT team are appreciated by all. We’d be lost without her!


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  1. Kat, I want to say you deserved the Award this year. I had the privilege of taking your Casework and Recovery Class. You made it a great class.

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