Logo v2Melanie Nomiya holds numerous important volunteer leadership roles within the Red Cross Los Angeles Region.

If you are picturing someone who is middle-age, think again. The president of both the North High School Red Cross Club in Torrance and the South Bay Youth Executive Board is 18 years old.

Melanie is one of more than 1,200 youth volunteers in the L.A. Region who support and promote the Red Cross at 104 high schools, colleges and other locations around the LA Region.  Among other activities, the students plan blood drives, teach fire safety and disaster preparedness training to young children, and fundraise to support disaster relief, large scale emergencies like Ebola, and the Red Cross Measles and Rubella Initiative in Africa and Asia.community fair, Pasadena, puppets, 2015

The Red Cross also offers youth and young adults numerous opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills, while fostering a sense of purpose and mission through shared experiences of humanitarian service.  These leadership growth programs include: the annual youth Leadership Development Camp held every summer, the Youth Executive Board, ProjectYOUTH, and the nine-week Red Cross L.A. Region Summer Internship Program.

Click here to learn more about Red Cross L.A. Region Youth and Young Adult Services and read more about Melanie Nomiya’s latest leadership experience


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