Often intimidating and sometimes challenging, the supplies the American Red Cross uses to serve those displaced by disasters are regularly delivered by towing trailers. An essential link in this process are the volunteers that are able to pick up, deliver, and retrieve the fleet of disaster trailers. The American Red Cross Los Angeles Region Logistics section recently hosted a trailer and towing course at their Bell, CA warehouse. The course, pioneered by Tyler Hastings (the regions Logistics Lead), is all about demystifying the anxiety surrounding all things towing and trailers. The course does just that, turning inexperienced and much need volunteers and staff into confident towing operators.


Tyler and his team breakdown a scary topic into simple steps, explaining each piece that makes up a trailer and a tow. Once everyone understands the parts, Tyler explains how each piece fits with the others to produce a safe trailer hookup and tow. Then, participants get to actually do it. “It gets real very quickly,” said Grant Graves, a Red Cross volunteer, “This is a great course, you get to work with real trailers that are fully loaded and tow vehicles you will actually use to put what you learn to use right away.” Often, the thought of towing is more intimidating than actually doing it. This course proves that to be true.


If the idea of towing trailers and overcoming some intimidation factors excites you, this training is for you. The American Red Cross offers trainings in all its areas of service. Check out the trainings offered on Volunteer Connection  and if you are new to the Red Cross and would like to become a Red Cross volunteer, take the first step here!


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