Red Cross volunteer Harold Babb received the 2014 Clara Barton Honor Award for Meritorious Volunteer Leadership at the Volunteer and Employee Excellence Awards dinner held in the fall.

Babb was recognized for a lifetime of service, first to his country — retiring from the United States Navy — and as an outstanding Red Cross volunteer leader.

Babb began volunteering seven years ago with the San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter, where his leadership potential was immediately recognized.  He has served as a Disaster Assessment Manager during Hurricane Sandy and other hurricanes and is currently a Volunteer Partner and the Volunteer Chair of Territory 2. He has worked diligently to build the volunteer base by doubling the average attendance of volunteers at monthly meetings.

Always ready to respond whether on-call or not, Harold spends in excess of 40 hours per week supporting capacity building and meeting with community organizations.

Nationally, Babb is recognized as a Disaster Assessment Manager. He has served in at least 12 Disaster Response Operation incidents, and in the last several years has responded to more than 30 DAT calls. In April 2014, Babb served as the Volunteer Chair overseeing Red Cross volunteer assistance after a truck collided with a bus carrying high school students to Humboldt State.

Babb is also a Red Cross volunteer instructor, teaching many classes, including Volunteer Bootcamp, DAT Orientation and Client Casework. In addition to Disaster Response, he is deeply committed to Service to Armed Forces.

Harold Babb has dedicated countless hours to the mission of the Red Cross and is a constant example of leadership, dedication and inspiration.


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  1. And he is a valuable member of the Situational Awareness Team! He’s amazing. 🙂

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