Jane Dean is a registered nurse and volunteer with the American Red Cross. When she was called upon to volunteer during the Blue Cut Fire, she immediately jumped into action. Jane not only worked inside the shelter, she also was part of an on-the-ground team that canvassed areas affected by the Blue Cut Fire to hand out food and clean up supplies to those in need.

20160825_213420On one such trip, Jane met Pastor Ki and his grandson, Youth Pastor James, whose home was not affected by the fire. However, their neighbors’ houses were destroyed. They were letting seven people stay with them in their home. “When first asked by Red Cross how we could assist them, they declined and said for us to give to those in more need,” said Jane. “We explained that as they were now helping their community, we would be able to pass on some much-needed supplies to them for their neighbors. The Pastor and his Grandson were so grateful for this. They said they would share what was received from Red Cross with their neighbors and community that has lost so much. The Pastor was so happy and grateful to us; he wanted to take our picture with all the goods we left with them. He went into his house to get his camera and his hat!  We took some photographs with him and his grandson in front of the donated items. The Red Cross was able to provide flashlights, rakes, shovels, water, ice chests, ready meals, snacks and clean-up kits.”20160825_105733

Every day, Red Cross volunteers like Jane are on call around-the-clock to provide help and hope during disasters big and small. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Visit redcross.org/volunteer to get started today!


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