Joyce Carroll

“The American Red Cross is a ‘Brand’ in and of itself, a household word, a name with which at age 3 I became familiar. My one positive recollection of an otherwise devastating flood, that hit our, then hometown, Fort Worth, when as a child in Texas; I reasoned that all else had failed, the Red Cross came to our rescue. To me, the loss of all of our earthly belongings, so suddenly, was insurmountable. And today, I am grateful to God, and to the American Red Cross. Largely, because of that experience, volunteering for the Red Cross is extremely significant to me, even today.”

Nominator Jahaira  Telles says: Frequently, the work that is most imperative to a company€’s success goes completely unrecognized and for this reason it is with great pleasure that I highlight a woman whose position with the Red Cross is subsequently just as pivotal as those who serve on our front lines. At the very foundation of the Red Cross lays a movement, led by the empathy of volunteer whose humanitarian spirits called them to serve our country in a way that would ensure respect for all human beings, and prevent and alleviate human suffering. It is in my opinion that an establishment of this nature could not survive without the compassion and commitment of each individual player.

The contribution that Joyce has made is one of upholding the principles of the Red Cross and maintaining accountability for assuring that others are upholding these principles as well. Upon being hired, Joyce was the first person that I met and after meeting many more employees I quickly discerned that her purpose with this company was far bigger than her presence behind the desk placed across from me. As I began to take note of her conversations, her word usage on the phone and observe her interaction with other Red Cross employees it became increasingly clear to me that the work she was doing came from a very spiritual place; Joyce offers the Red Cross more than just a volunteer committed to maintaining the company’s reputation for humanitarianism, she brings a sense of patriotism, peace, warmth, and pride to each person whom she comes in contact with.  Joyce greeted me, and others, each day, with a sort of genuine, professional respect and integrity unmatched by any other employer I’d ever worked for. Her reverence for this company and for humanitarian work can easily be noted as one of the very reasons a company like the Red Cross is able to thrive in a time where volunteering and non-profits are almost nonexistent. It is because there are people, like Joyce, who are careful to keep the spirit of the Red Cross alive, to provide a haven where clients and co-workers alike can feel proud,  to create an inner-working environment of unity and happiness that someone like me, and many others in my office, are inspired to give more of ourselves to this company; Joyce’s  veneration for the work that the Red Cross does and its success plays an integral part in the work ethic and Happiness of those associated with the Red Cross.  It is true that the happiness, health and well being of the people of this country is important but even more importantly, it would be impossible to assure without the people who keep us professionally and spiritually astute enough to uphold this companies values and ethics. I have seen many volunteers come and go, but I have never seen one have the positive impact on our clients and employees that Joyce has. She is an exceptional person and volunteer, and I believe she should be recognized as such by the Red Cross.


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  1. You deserve it Joyce!!!! and MUCH MUCH more……

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