By Jane Dean, Red Cross Volunteer

Tamieka Strange and her children needed a lot of support in the shelter.  A lot of effort was put into finding resources and a place to live for Tamieka and her young family.  The Red Cross and other agencies worked diligently together to make it happen, even though it meant relocating to San Antonio.  Tamieka was excited for a new start, but knew the road ahead would be challenging.

The challenge began even before they left and included packing up and getting four children under the age of five ready for the ride to the bus station.  Just when we thought everything was packed, Tamieka realized she forgot the pillows.  Naveah and Marcia went together to bring them in from the washing line outside.  It was all hands on deck to get the sleepy, hungry children rounded up and ready on time.  Many hugs and cuddles later, at last they were ready to go. Two cars were needed to transport the family to the bus station.  Everyone was on tender hooks until all the children were safely strapped into their car seats and the cars drove off.  “The Stranger’s have left the building” and nobody was left behind.  PHEW!!    It was quite the send-off, and I wasn’t quite sure it was actually going to happen until I found myself waving and shouting “bye, safe travels”.  I looked around and saw about six other Red Cross volunteers standing with me, all waving goodbye too.  The Strange family has a long recovery ahead of them.

Beverly, a Red Cross volunteer who worked in the shelter, advocated for the Strange family.  She managed to get in touch with the Bishop in San Antonio and explained Tamieka’s situation. The Woman’s Relief Society will be a wonderful resource for Tamieka and her children. As a result, arrangements have been made to help the family with food and beds for the children.


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  1. Way to go Jane, Beverly, Ben and all you shelter workers I was able to see the front line of what you guys do as MC/SH workers in Houston and you guys all need a Humanitarian award for your selflessness I am so glad to be able to call you guys my red cross family

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