Why is donating blood healthy for you?


By Yulia Mitro, LA region volunteer

We all know giving blood helps others, but did you know that donating blood is also a healthy habit for yourself? Before donating blood, everyone must pass a mini-physical and a medical history examination. During the physical, your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and hematocrit level (the level of red cells in your blood) are checked. Thus, donating blood can be a way to keep a check on your own health while helping others.

Preliminary studies have also found that heart attacks and other cardiac problems were less common in men who had donated blood compared to men who had not. Did you know that blood donation may help prevent heart attacks? Researchers believe that by giving blood, men and post-menopausal women can rid their bodies of excessive iron, which is thought to contribute to heart disease. Also, people who donate blood may be more likely to exercise, or check their cholesterol level. Men who voluntarily donate blood tend to be more health conscious and have less pre-existing heart disease than non-donors.

Another great reason to donating blood is that you will replenish your blood with new blood cells that are fresh and healthy. The new blood cells will be able to hold oxygen better. It helps to detoxify your blood, and makes your body replace the blood that is gone with new blood cells. Doing this can save the lives of as many as three people! The blood goes to those suffering from cancer, severe burns, leukemia, anemia and hemophilia, as well as patients undergoing surgery. Don’t worry, your body won’t feel weak or miss that one pint. In fact, donors can donate blood again after just 56 days.

Today, donating the blood is safer than ever. The simple process of donating blood takes less than an hour and can save numerous lives. Moreover the recipient, donated blood is lifesaving. To the donor goes the knowledge that he or she helped to sustain a life. And it might just make your life a little healthier, too You’ll feel happy knowing that you helped someone! Plus, it is good to know that the donor burns calories while donating!

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    Thanks for your comments on the positive points for the blood donor as well as recipient!


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