Volunteer Spotlight: Annemarie Norris


Annemarie Norris

Community Ambassador Volunteer

“Working with the American Red Cross gives me a rare opportunity to apply my past experience — in advertising, marketing and business strategy — toward what really matters: saving lives. I’ve worked for such clients as ESPN, Hilton Hotels Worldwide and the Los Angeles Times, and now I am blessed to serve my favorite clients so far, the people of Southern California. I look forward to another great year of helping residents and businesses to prepare, respond and recover in the unfortunate event of a disaster. Thanks for letting me serve!”

Nominator Nikki Davis says: When all bases are loaded, you need a pinch hitter to bat.  Annemarie in my pinch hitter.  When there’s a void, she’s there.  She has a giving spirit and compassionate heart and is willing to pinch hit when necessary – no matter the challenge.  Selfless is Annemarie so this recognition is to say how she’s so appreciated in the LA Region.  Thank you Annemarie!


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  1. Kiran

    Hi Ann, nice to know your initiatives. this is Kiran, Red Cross Ambassador, Thousand Oaks. let me know your email.


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