By Communications and Marketing Intern, Alessandra Pacheco

During the past year, volunteers at the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region dedicated more than 158,000 volunteer hours across all five lines of Red Cross service to help people in need. If that wasn’t enough, the Los Angeles Region now has 112 Youth Clubs engaging younger volunteers at High Schools and Colleges throughout the area and, the support of 26 local faith based affiliates. All this is a cause for celebration!

On September 16, 2017, at a location still to be disclosed, Red Crossers from around the region will gather to recognize all volunteers for their efforts, and a job well done. Additionally, select honorees will be recognized in one of the following eight areas, including:


1)      Clara Barton Honor Award for Meritorious Volunteer Leadership (for a volunteer who has held numerous leadership positions over the years)

2)      Volunteer Leadership Award (to a volunteer who sustained superior leadership service to local communities with, or on behalf of the Red Cross)

3)      Special Citation for Exceptional Volunteer Service (to a volunteer who has exceeded expectations of the original missions/goals/commitments they made to the Red Cross)

4)      Disaster Preparedness & Response Volunteer Award (to a volunteer who has made a significant impact on the American Red Cross, the community, and clients we serve)

5)      Health and Safety Services Award (to a volunteer who measurably expanded and improved Health and Safety Services over the past fiscal year)

6)      Service to the Armed Forces Award (to a volunteer in  direct service, management, or a leadership position who has made a measurable impact on the American Red Cross, the military clients/community we serve by strengthening or improving services)

7)      Biomedical Achievement Award (the award is available to any Red Cross Biomedical Services volunteer)

8)      Outstanding Youth Services Volunteer Award (for a young volunteer age 14 to 24 who has volunteered with the Red Cross for at least two years and served in a leadership position)


Everything we’ve accomplished since last June, like installing over 10,000 free smoke alarms and distributing more than 4,600 comfort kits to service members and their families, is due to the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers. So, on behalf of the Community and Volunteer Engagement Department, thank you volunteers! You are the backbone of the Red Cross work being done in our community, and we hope to see you all on the 16th!



Alessandra Pacheco will be a Senior at Da Vinci High School. She hopes to become an accomplished author and editor, and enjoys watching basketball. This is Alessandra’s first year interning with the American Red Cross.


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